The mission of the I'm Gon' Need My Shirt Back Inspirational Journal is to help you make FAITH MOVES and develop a LEGACY MINDSET! The purpose is to inspire you to be intentional about setting the atmosphere for the day! The activities teach you how to properly unpack your day and explore your thoughts.


The I'm Gon' Need My Shirt Back Inspirational Journal  includes activities and worksheets that cover:


  • Life Goals
  • Gratitude Entries
  • Devotion and Prayers
  • Self- Awareness Sunday
  • Morning & Night Routines
  • Daily Affirmation Quote Prompt


This journal also promotes the importance of taking a deep dive into your feelings! This journal is filled with thought provoking quotes that inspire you to keep pushing! This journal will teach you how to implement the S.O.P.R.O. Approach in your daily life so that you can take ownership of your experience!

I'm Gon' Need My Shirt Back: Inspirational Journal for Student-Athletes

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