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L27: Choosing The Right College & Major

L27: Choosing The Right College & Major

While you're waiting on your big graduation day it's important that you continue to make preparations. It's time to start thinking about what school you'd like to attend and what you'd like your major to be. There's a few videos & notes listed below to help you prepare for the next step after graduation.

To Do List:

• Do your Research

• Visit all kinds of schools

• Talk to school representatives

• Talk to current and past students

• Research the campus housing options

• Read the institutions Mission and Creed

• Research the campus retention, graduation and transfer rates

• Choose a major that will lay the foundation for your career choice

Top Questions for choosing a College:

1. What do you want out of your college experience?

2. Do you want to attend a University, Community College or Trade School? (Research and record the cost of the institutions)

3. Is this school going to create a huge financial strain?

4. Do you want to go to college near home or out of state? (Be sure to research and record the out of state cost).

5. Do you want to go to a HBCU or a Traditional University? (HBCU: Historical Black College/University)

6. Do you want to go to a big campus (example: Texas A&M) or do you want to go to a smaller college?

7. Do you feel like the campus atmosphere is a good fit for you?

8. Do the people and representatives seem helpful and welcoming?

9. Is the college social scene a good fit for you? (Sports, events, etc.)

10. Is the campus diverse? Do they strive to lend support to students from different socioeconomic background?

Top Tips for choosing a Major:

• Pray for clarity and discernment! Ask God to order your steps and guard your heart.

• Choosing a major that is known for your major is a good thing but it’s not always necessary. When you graduate you will have a degree like many other students. It’s all about what you do while you’re in college and the connections you make while you’re in college.

• You can go into college as an undecided major but I wouldn’t advise you to do that. You are honestly wasting time and funding when you don’t have a clear mission when you touch down on campus.

• You can always change your major even after you start college. The issue with that is the fact that you might have some setbacks. Every time you change it you run the risk of loosing some of your credits. Some credits won’t transfer over because they aren’t related to the new major you chose. So just be mindful of these things.

• Focus on choosing a college that fits your goals, mission and what you want to do with your life.

Ask yourself these questions:

• Do I love this major?

• Will I be able to make a difference?

• Is this major going to lay a foundation for my overall career goals?


Until Next Time.........Stay Focused, Keep Grinding and Respect the Process!

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