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Motivational Monday

MOV MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY: YOU are GOD's personal MASTERPIECE!!! He took the time to shape you, mold you, and create you!!! He made you extremely unique and timeless. He paid so much attention to detail that he sketched a different design on every finger! There's not one person in the world like you! Your VALUE continues to grow over time because HE drafted a MASTER PLAN for his MASTERPIECE! Some people may MARVEL at your beauty and others may frown at the sight of your complexity but know that there's NO MISTAKE IN ART! There's only UNIQUE TEXTURES and UNTOLD STORIES! So BE PROUD of your complexity! Be PROUD of your many TEXTURES, be PROUD of every stroke GOD has placed on you, because there's so much love & honor in being his PERSONAL MASTERPIECE! Until next time y'all stay focused, keep grinding and respect the process.

#MOVGRIND #OnAMission2Inspire #LoveYourself #ThereIsNOMistakeInArt #StopChasingAFeelingAndGetToWork #NewBeginnings #LEGENDARYSTATUS #CherishYourself #YouAreGODSPersonalMasterpiece #EmbraceYourGifts #DontRunFromYourPurpose #GetToWork #BeHonest #BePersistent #KnowWhoYouAre #SacrificeIsNecessary #FightForYourDreams #EmbraceTheStruggle #TrustYourself #EmbraceYourself #ExecuteTheVision #MotivationalMonday Follow the Movement 👉🏾 @movgrind


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