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Motivational Monday: Reclaim YOUR TIME!

TIME is one of those things that we all struggle to manage! Some days we will be ON POINT, hitting deadlines and reaching goals. (Sigh) and then there are those days when we want to break our alarm clock for interrupting our wonderful sleep. We drag our feet throughout the day and we have zero motivation to push through! Hey... I'm here to tell you that we all experience this struggle so you're not alone! Over the past couple of months I've literally been having an internal struggle. Starting this new entrepreneurial journey turned my world upside down. I've been pulled in various directions mentally and physically, so it's been hard for me to figure out where I should place my attention. I don't know about y'all but when my mind isn't at peace my TIME tends to get away from me! When my TIME isn't structured I start getting sluggish and sloppy which clearly makes productivity impossible! In situations like this I have to quickly reevaluate myself, my purpose, and my vision. I have to do whatever it takes to get back on track!

In these types of situations I lean on the gift of being self-aware! Whenever my mind is running a million miles per minute I know that I need to stop to ask myself "WHY?" This means I ask myself what is my purpose and WHY is it important for me to complete my mission? The "Why" always gives me an instant mental tuneup! It reminds me that we are living in a world that only grants us"RIGHT NOW" to LEAVE OUR MARK! We live in a world that has no GUARANTEES! TIME isn't something we can waste because we never know when we will be leaving this earth! Your LEGACY is the only thing that will be left for others to remember you by so you have to live like you have 24 Hours to live. We literally live in a world where you can die from an insect bite. Now if that doesn't show you how precious time is I don't know what will!

Often times we get lost when we start focusing on other people! We start looking at their progress then we get restless. Especially when we're struggling in life but our peers are traveling, buying new cars, new homes and living it up. We get wrapped up in checking our SOCIAL MEDIA TIMELINES to see who's posting new stuff that we completely forget about our REAL LIFE TIMELINE! We get DISTRACTED! We have to stop comparing our lives to other people because there's no comparison. We also have to STOP getting discouraged because we don't feel like we're moving fast enough! Oh NO Baby that's not the move! Your journey is yours alone and GOD will BLESS you when it's your TIME! In the meantime focus on becoming a student of your craft. Continue to work hard even when you don't see results! Keep BELIEVING & PREPARING for the GREATNESS you know GOD has for you. Spend your time focusing on things that will help you to PROSPER your MIND, BODY, SOUL & SPIRIT! It's easier said than done but trust me taking your eyes off the PRIZE will rob you of your TIME! It's TIME for all of us to RECLAIM OUR TIME! Don't waste your time on things and people that won't leave a POSITIVE IMPACT! Your TIME is extremely VALUABLE.... YOU CAN'T GET IT BACK!

Here's some tips on how you can RECLAIM YOUR TIME:

1.) Develop an overall LIFE MISSION.

2.) Test your vision by asking yourself "WHY" is this important?


4.) Create a DAILY TO DO LIST.

5.) Identify your triggers and utilize them to maximize your productivity.

Note: Click "Trigger Exercise PDF" to access a helpful tool

Trigger Exercise PDF


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