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Motivational Monday: Be of Service!

The word service is defined as the action of helping or doing work for someone. It's a selfless act that comes from the purest place in your heart! It's pouring into someone and investing in them! It's being the salt of the earth and the light of the world! If being of service is all of these amazing things why don't people serve more? I've always wondered why people run away from being of service but then it dawned on me that people are perceiving "service" wrong. They hear the word "SERVICE" and think of "WORK" and then they immediately equate it to getting paid! I've come to the conclusion that we run away from being of service because it doesn't have an instant monetary reward! People tend to shy away because they have to commit to the process and to a real individual. It requires RESPONSIBILITY!!!

Being of service requires you to HUMBLE yourself, which puts you in the position to LEARN & ABSORB KNOWLEDGE! Humble is defined as having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's own importance. In other words it's putting yourself in a state of submission! Many times people view submission as a form of weakness but that's not the case! It takes a STRONG person to know when to step up and when to bow out! Humbling yourself allows you to be empathetic toward others. Putting yourself in other peoples shoes gives you a brand new perspective on life. When you learn to put your PRIDE to the side you change your motivation and open yourself up to endless opportunities!

The reality of the situation is we need to be running toward being of service because it grants a PRICELESS REWARD. Pouring into someone will always have a greater reward than pouring money into your bank account because it lays the foundation of HOPE! When you give someone your greatest possession "TIME" you show them that they're not alone in this world. You show them the art of GIVING and being a BLESSING! GOD put us on this earth to be the SALT OF THE EARTH and the LIGHT OF THE WORLD! We literally NEED EACH OTHER! Please remember that at any moment your situation could change and you could be the person in need. It's our duty to help our fellow man. Being of service will never deplete your resources but it will add to your existence! Being of Service will always reveal your GREATEST ATTRIBUTES and INSPIRE you to DO MORE! We all have something we can GIVE to the WORLD so let's get to WORK!!!! Until next time y'all stay focused, keep grinding and respect the process.


1.) Start small! We all need an encouraging word. Be the person that helps others by holding them accountable and inspiring them. Call and checkup on them. Shoot them a text or comment on their page. Words can go a long way.

2.) Volunteer to work with students at a local school, neighborhood, or community center. Invest in our youth!

3.) Take the time to pour into your family members. Visit them and have a real conversation.

4.) Share your gifts and passion with the world. Your art, words, videos, etc. Take your passion and turn it into a passion initiative. (example: If you love technology brainstorm ways to teach others all about technology). You could possibly be the spark that lights someone else's torch!

5.) Be generous! Simply use some of your resources to brighten someone else's day. Buy someone a cup of coffee, pay for someone else's groceries, randomly give someone money just because.