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Motivational Monday: Stop Playing With Your NAME!

Your NAME is your most VALUABLE ASSET! It's your direct identifier! Here on earth your actions impact your reputation in a major way. It's safe to say that your reputation can either enhance or decrease the perceived value of your name. We've all done some things that we aren't particularly proud of. Sometimes things happen, we get caught up, or a string of unfortunate events take place. The question is should our VALUE be placed on WHAT we've done or WHO WE ARE? I honestly believe that our VALUE lies in WHO WE ARE in CHRIST! Nothing we do or say can devalue the the very essence of WHO HE CREATED US TO BE! The problems start when we allow our past actions to takeover our mind and diminish the VALUE GOD already gave us.

Everything that we allow to go on in our lives is based on how we VALUE OURSELVES! I'm talking about the type of relationships we have, the friends we keep, the situations we get into.... EVERYTHING!!! Think about it if you think highly of yourself you won't hang with certain people and you won't do certain things. You'll stand firm in your decisions. You'll literally hold yourself to a greater standard. If you think of yourself as unworthy you'll allow people to treat you badly, you'll hang around people who aren't good for you, and you'll allow anything to sway your decisions. You'll lack enthusiasm for life. Everything that we allow to go on around us is based on how we SEE OURSELVES! So my question for you is how do you perceive yourself? Do you VALUE yourself? What are you allowing to happen in your life right now because you don't think you're worthy of GREATNESS?

What if I told you that GOD called you BY NAME long before your earthly parents even knew YOUR NAME!? When HE CALLED YOU HE gave you a UNIQUE GIFT, carved out a DIVINE PATHWAY for you, and drafted an ASSIGNMENT that only you can fulfill. HE didn't design you to be LESS THAN; HE gave you AUTHORITY at BIRTH! Your earthly NAME is just a name tag for others to identify you but your SPIRIT has a different identifier! Your spirit is the very thing that guides your decisions and shapes your life. It isn't shook by the mistakes you've made on earth because it identifies with THE ASSIGNMENT GOD created for you! Your SPIRIT understands that GOD created you for GREATNESS so it doesn't answer to anything less than that! Your spirit is an extension of GOD LIGHT.

When you let go and let GOD you'll discover that he LOVES YOU and will always FORGIVE you. I wonder what would happen if we forgave ourselves as quickly as GOD does? I want to go on record saying that GOD will never view you as unworthy based on the things you've done. That's why he meets you where you are and convicts you in the act. Conviction isn't a bad thing it's an alarm clock! Conviction doesn't feel good but it causes you to question your actions and the root of it's source. The idea of conviction isn't to convince you that GOD doesn't love you because you made mistakes. We've all made mistakes! GOD isn't interested in punishing you he wants to PROSPER YOU! You can't do anymore or any less to cheapen yourself in his eyes. You'll forever be PRECIOUS to him no matter what! GOD gave you the innate ability to recreate yourself in the earthly realm. What I mean is it's all about learning from your mistakes and actively working to make a positive change. Dwelling in misery will only delay your access to your purpose. If you dwell in the past you'll continue to talk yourself out of moving toward the future. Your mistakes are meant to teach you lessons..... Learn the lesson and move forward; you can't change the past!

The first thing you must do is reclaim your TIME! Let go of the past and use your TIME to think about the FUTURE! The second thing you must do is STOP the negative SELF-TALK! You can be your worst critic but you have to understand that you were made in GODS IMAGE..... He's the creator of ALL THINGS!!!! That means you were manufactured by the ABSOLUTE BEST! The third thing you must do is change your attitude and accept the fact that you DESERVE to experience GREATNESS! You have an assignment to complete and you can't do it with a spirit of self-doubt and fear. The fourth thing you must do is EMBRACE YOUR GIFT! This requires responsibility and courage! This can be intimidating if you don't believe that you're worthy. That's why it's important to eliminate the bull and understand WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST! The fifth thing you must do is start operating in your GIFT! Start working and being of service. Share your gift with the world. The sixth thing you must do is consult GOD throughout the process. Ask him for guidance and VISION. The seventh thing you must do is STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR NAME!!!!! Your NAME is important to GOD.... You're a CHILD OF GOD which means you're directly connected to JESUS! Our bloodline runs deep and strong. The AUTHORITY that lives within us can overcome anything! It's time to STOP denying WHO YOU ARE...... You have an ASSIGNMENT to COMPLETE!!!! You're WORTHY of everything GOD is trying to give you.... So embrace your GIFTS, get to WORK, follow your DIVINE PATHWAY, AND STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR NAME..... Have a blessed WEEK!!!! Please remember WHO YOU ARE and Operate in it!!! You were made for GREATNESS but you have to put in the WORK and BELIEVE IN YOUR WORTH!!!

Until next time Stay FOCUSED, Keep GRINDING, and RESPECT THE PROCESS!!!!!


Word of the Week: VALUE


Scripture of the Week: MATTHEW 6: 25-33