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Last week we talked about the Die Cut and Sewing the Fabric Process. This lesson taught us that we must cut ties with our dead weight and sew into the people and things that bring glory to GOD! Our friends, surroundings, and circumstances influence us. How they influence us it up to us. GOD gave us all a purpose when he designed us and our ultimate goal should be to complete the mission! This step reminds us that we have to intentional about what we let dwell in our atmosphere. Everything and everyone in our lives must be actively pushing us toward GOD’S WILL! Anything distracting you from the plan must be cut off!


The world will ask you to conform on many occasions. You’ll experience peer pressure, the fear of missing out, and question your identity. In some situations, you’ll feel like conforming is the only option! The world tries to make you believe that if you’re not following what’s trending you’re losing, but that’s far from the truth. Seeking validation from others will lead you to compromising your own beliefs. It’s easy to fall into this trap when you’re trying something new or making a major transition. The fear of the unknown weighs on you and tries to convince you that the grass is greener on the other side. Naturally you want to feel that support and love, but if you’re not careful this mentality could hurt you. You tend to allow outside sources to dictate your actions when you crave to be accepted by others. When you’re not secure in yourself you lose sight of the everlasting love living within you. Feeling the pressure to fit in is a natural progression, but you have to choose to either stay true to yourself or switch up. You may not understand how to stay your grounded, but I believe step four of the shoe making process could help you survive!

The fourth step of creating a shoe, is the shoe last, grinding and sole joining phase. The manufacturer creates an individual shoe last for every single shoe size. In this phase the fabric that was previously sown together is placed on a shoe last! Once the fabric is on, a machine presses it to make a closure from the front to the heel. Next the fabric is beat to conform to the shoe last and grinded down at the bottom to prep for the sole. Glue is added to the shoe then the upper and lowers are aligned and sealed together by a hydraulic press. The shoe last is put in place to support the fabric and give it a foundation. Once the fabric is attached it must go through a grinding process to prepare it to be joined with the sole. Without the pressure from the grinder the shoe won’t fit the sole securely.

This phase demonstrates the importance of trusting the process. You’re going to go through hard times and have to make difficult decisions. Pressure causes whatever is already in you to come out at a faster rate. If you don’t love or accept yourself it’ll be easy to convince you to conform to the ways of the world. Following the popular vote will always stir you in the wrong direction but valuing the journey GOD created for you allows you to recognize your purpose. Individuality and authenticity are crucial to your progression because GOD created you for a very specific reason. It’s difficult to stand ten toes down when you’re constantly being pushed to conform but you have to stand your ground. In a room full of converse you have to remain the retro Jordan that you are. Although there are millions of shoes being created in the same atmosphere every shoe has its own shoe last, their own shoe size, and their own destinations. Some shoes are similar but ultimately GOD designed them to fulfill different missions.

Changing yourself to gain the approval of others will only cause you to discount your entire existence. If you want to find your lane you have to respect the process and stay deeply rooted when you’re being pressed.

You have to embrace yourself fully corks and all. It’s ok if you’re weird…. To be honest everyone is weird, you just have to find your tribe of weidos Lol!. Life pushes you to move faster than you should but please know that you have time! Follow GOD and listen to his directions. What’s meant for you, is meant for you. You don’t have to compete; you don’t have to conform and you don’t have to worry! I believe that the shoe last, grinder, and sole joining process has provided a FIVE steps to implement to help you stay true to you!

Step #1: Pursuit of SELF-LOVE

Step #2: Define your WHY and set your BOTTOM-LINE

Step #3:Find your TRIBE of WEIRDOS

Step #4: Flip your LABELS


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