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Last week we talked about the Shoe last, Grinding, and Sole Joining process. This phase taught us that we must trust the process and stay true to ourselves. Going through the grinding process prepares us to stand ten toes down when we’re being pressured. If we stay in our lane and value the journey GOD created for us we’ll discover our true purpose.


When you’re at home there’s usually someone there to help you stay on track, but once you leave home you have to push yourself. This is a huge step but you’re more prepared than you think! Being independent means that you’re responsible for your own life. At times this transition can be difficult because you feel alone. It might take a minute to adjust but I want you to know that you’re never alone. GOD has instilled wisdom in you and he has prepared you for moments like this! Managing this process can be tricky but I believe step five of the shoe making process could help you understand how to access what’s already in you.

The fifth step of creating a shoe, is removing the shoe last, gluing the insoles and conducting a quality control check. In this phase a machine is used to remove the shoe from the shoe last. Next the shoes are swiped with glue and the insoles are put in place. Lastly, the shoes are sent through a quality control check to make sure everything looks good and is working properly.

This phase demonstrates the importance of embracing your independence and learning to hold yourself accountable. Aspiring to make it to a new level requires dedication and courage. As you evolve into a young adult, you’ll have to remove the crutch and learn to stand on your own two feet. Challenging the status quo will allow you to discover your voice and embrace your journey.

Believing in yourself and never settling for good enough will change the way you approach the world. The wisdom you’ve gained through your experiences will be clutch! Life is about figuring out the formula that works best for you and creating standards for yourself! Conducting quality control checks will enhance your self-awareness. Being consistent will build your confidence and encourage you on your path. I believe that this phase of the shoe making process has provided a few steps to implement to help you set your ideals.

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