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Recruitment is one of the craziest moments for a student-athlete! You’re surrounded by people showering you with praise and compliments. To be honest we all enjoy getting our egos stroked at times, but if we aren’t careful that gratification can cause us to lose sight of the mission. This journey reveals BLIND SPOTS that you never knew you had, so it’s important to be strategic in your approach. Many student-athletes fall victim to the recruitment process because they don’t have an execution plan!

STEP 1: You must understand what characteristics you need in your coaching staff and program!

RECRUITMENT is equivalent to the honeymoon phase. In the beginning receiving the roses, love, and admiration is easy but once the marriage and commitment comes you must WORK to keep that love alive and thriving! If you fail to examine the core and essence of the coaching staff and institution you could run the risk or making a poor decision on your future partner. Eventually this process will end so you’ll want to make sure that you choose a partner that is the best fit FOR YOU!


Answer the following questions:

- Take a moment to examine yourself and your personality traits. What do you VALUE the most?

- Look at your “Acknowledgment” work and think about your strengths and weaknesses. What character traits do you need from your coaching staff?

- Be honest with yourself, think about the things you don’t like to do that you know will enhance your skillset. What coach can provide the environment that will hold you accountable?

- What type of environment will challenge you to breakout of your comfort zone?

STEP 2: You must understand that it’s important that you become an ADVOCATE for yourself!

ACTION ITEMS: People define and interpret RESPECT differently, so you must create a baseline for the BARE ESSENTIAL TRAITS YOU NEED! Pray about this and ask GOD to guide your mind, heart, and spirit when it comes to your decision. You must be willing to self-advocate. This will allow you to know what you need and give you the confidence to teach others how to handle you!

Answer the following questions:

- What are the bare essential traits that you must have?

- What are you willing to budge on and what is a non-negotiable?

NOTE: Put the line in the sand and don’t budge. Some stuff you can compromise but DON’T SETTLE on your NON--NEGOTIABLES!

STEP 3: You must understand that when you commit, you’re committing to abide by their rules and regulations!

ACTION ITEMS: Please research the coaching staff, the institution, and the program. Do your part to try to make sure you’re getting a solid VIBE from them. Look up the past programs the coaches worked for to identify their patterns.

- Did they move around a lot? Or were they stationary for a while?

- Read some of the comments, the articles, just check them out to get a temperature check?

- Is the coaching staff diverse or is there a mixture?

- Checkout the things the current students are saying about the institution and program.

NOTE: Looking up all of this won’t always give you an accurate depiction of how things are, but it’ll at least give you a baseline to compare and contrast when you meet them or talk to them.

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