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Last week we talked about the impact of the "Mold & Inspection" of the shoe making process. The lesson taught us that we must remember that the pits of the valley actually mold the mountain top. GOD created us so we have the capacity to handle pressure because he lives with in us! This framework reminds us that we must accept that every part of the journey is important to the production process. Self-checks and inspections are mandatory and accountability is the major key!


Your past mistakes, trauma, pain, and abuse can really set up traps in your mind, if you allow them to! These traps make you feel like you aren’t worthy of happiness and it makes you feel like you’ll never amount to anything. Pain sets up camp in your mindset and reminds you of the past at every given moment. This causes you to self-sabotage and it keeps you in a holding pattern. As a result, you begin to carry deadweight that slows down your progress! Anything that presents itself as a challenge looks like a threat. Instead of adjusting you would rather stay connected to people, bad habits and situations that don’t serve you. You must heal, cut ties, and associate yourself with the right things so that you can dream big! You may not know how to work through your life experiences, but I believe step three of the shoe making process could help you evolve.

The third step of creating a shoe, is the sneaker cut and fabric sewing phase. The manufacturer refers to the 3D design, selects the fabric for the shoe, then starts the cutting process. If the shoe order is large the manufacturer will use the die cut method. This process allows multiple pieces of fabric to be cut at once. If the order is smaller the laser cut method is used. After the fabric is cut it’s marked to indicate the size of the shoe. Then it’s prepped for the sewing process. Sewing the fabric together requires heavy duty sewing machines and a skilled team. The sewing machines used for this job allows the sewers to twist and turn the fabric in every direction but the needle always stays steady! This process is very detailed! In each section of the assembly line a different part of the shoe is sown together and extra support is added as needed. Understanding the designer’s original intent for the design is necessary to complete the mission!

This phase demonstrates the importance of selecting the right fabric and implementing a cutting process. It encourages us to evaluate everything around us to ensure that we are producing great quality. Following the designer’s patterns, implementing systems, and having the right team will be clutch! Just like the sewing machine we must roll with the twists and turns but we have to stay locked in on fulfilling our purpose.

A lot of things fall through the cracks because you don’t have solid systems and standards in place. Having a negative self-image is the gateway to enabling others to take advantage of you! Being efficient and organized, will help you to know when to cut ties! If the people, habits, and situations don’t align with the original design GOD created you gotta cut it! If you don’t have a support system around you that is focused on pushing you toward greatness you gotta cut it. Although others may have done you wrong, you may not realize the root of the issues could easily be you. You’re the common denominator so it’s up to you to build a systems and standards that will teach people how to treat you. I believe the sneaker cut and sewing phase has given us a few steps I like to call THE FOUR P'S ! Focusing on checking these four categories in your life will help you progressively move forward and enhance your mindset.

The Four P's:


Letting go of the past is one of the hardest things to do. I don't know if it's because the issues weren't addressed or resolved, but overall it's extremely difficult. Overtime we allow these things to cloud our mind and distract us from fulfilling GOD'S WILL for our lives. We have to make the decision to either allow these traps to setup shop in our minds or break free from the cycle. Realistically, there's nothing we can do about the past! The more you look back you're taking your eyes off the prize! All that you can do is acknowledge it, work to resolve it, and then release it. You won't be able to maintain or evolve unless you return to the DESIGNER (GOD). When you LET GO, LET GOD, and say, "IT'S ABOVE ME NOW" you put yourself in a place to maintain and overcome! Your identity isn't defined by being a victim, so don't let your negative moment define you. You're more than a conqueror and you are WORTHY of HAPPINESS & JOY!


PRIDE can be tricky because it is embedded in emotions. Allowing yourself to be lead by your pride is a recipe for disaster because it's so unpredictable! When your pride gets hurt, there's a big possibility that you'll act out of character! Instead of allowing your emotions to takeover take the time to examine the "REAL ISSUE" and work on resolving it. PRIDE is something you have to keep in check . This means you will have to evaluate yourself often and HUMBLE YOURSELF! Your life, your purpose, and your gifts aren't just for you......... It's so much BIGGER THAN YOU! Don't let your PRIDE block you from fulfilling your true purpose.


Dealing with people can be beautiful but it can also be difficult. This is especially true if you aren't a people person. Just like your past experiences and your pride gets in the way at time, the same thing happens for them. It's so important that you protect your peace and teach others how to treat you. Your self-image plays a huge role in how you conduct yourself in relationships. If you don't like you, you'll let other people treat you any kind of way. If you have a good relationship with yourself you'll be adamant about surrounding yourself with likeminded individuals. As you navigate throughout life make sure that you're showing others compassion but don't forget to establish boundaries.


Everyone is searching for their purpose, but I believe that it might have already been revealed to you. A lot of times GOD shows us our purpose early on but we don't always receive it with open arms. If the responsibilities are to heavy we run. If the package the purpose comes in isn't pretty we turn away. If we don't think we're worthy of the call we walk away. For whatever reason we overlook our purpose often. It's important to mention that we need to take a moment to evaluate what GOD has already told us. Sometimes you just have to START and he will unveil the rest. It's vital that we walk in purpose on purpose because the cause is so much GREATER! God gives us GIFTS but each gift comes with responsibilities. As you journey throughout life always remember that your purpose may not look pretty but it's worth pursuing!

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