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Hey y’all my name is Coach K and I’m the owner of Level 27 Life Coaching & Advising. I’m the life coach that you call when you need help realizing your potential and capitalizing on your opportunities. I coach traditional students, student-athletes, and young adults on how to embrace their individuality and live unapologetically in their purpose. Through faith-based programs and unique concepts, I teach my clients how to manage their mindset and not their circumstance.

Over the years I’ve worked with many students and I’ve noticed that they all have an unbreakable bond with their sneakers! This is especially true for athletes! The relationship between an athlete and their shoes is just special. Their kicks are an extension of their personality. I’m sure many of you would agree that no outfit is complete without some fresh kicks on your feet. Having some icy whites, some retro jays, or some limited-edition kicks changes the way you walk, the way you talk, and the way you feel about yourself. Sneaker culture was ingrained in us as kids and I have this crazy theory that the shoes we rock on our feet are so much more than just a fashion statement. I believe that the steps used to produce our sneakers are valuable life lessons we can implement in our daily lives. An athlete can’t ball out without the right kicks nor can they sustain without the right mindset. So I’m starting a 6-week video series entitled S.O.P.R.O. to teach you how to use the shoe production process to enhance your mindset.


The minute you step on campus your lifestyle shifts and you instantly have more responsibilities. You go from being a big fish in a small pond to being a small fish in a big pond. This means that you have to start from scratch and everything you believe to be true will be challenged. Constantly being told what to do, how to do it and where to be can rob you of your identity if you let it. Adjusting to this fast-pace atmosphere will cause you to question who you are and what you’re here to do?! Some of you have finessed this process but some of you still struggle with the fear of the unknown. Making this transition can be difficult if you’re not secure in yourself. I believe that step one of the shoe making process could help you navigate this journey.

The first step of creating a shoe is coming up with a design. The designer wraps a shoe last in tape then draws the design on top of the tape to create the foundation of the shoe. Next, the tape is peeled off and cut to create the pattern for the design. Then a digital design is made and the information is sent to the laser cutter to cut the fabric. Afterwards the fabric is used to create the sample product. Every design is created for a very specific reason. When the original vision for the design isn’t followed the sample product can get lost in transition. So whenever the manufacturer runs into an issue they refer to the original design to find the solution!

This process demonstrates how important the design is to the production process. The design process is very similar to how we were created. The only difference is GOD is the designer, JESUS is the foundation, and we’re the sample product. GOD took the time to sketch out every part of us way before we were produced. He sent JESUS to be the foundation and the pattern for us. Then he created the digital design and cut us from the same fabric! At times we get so caught up that we literally forget who we are and where we come from, but the design phase has given us FOUR steps we can implement to help us hold on to our true identity.


- Acknowledge GOD as your SOURCE and CREATOR

- Accept that GOD chose you and gave you a purpose before you were born

- Understand that GOD DESIGNED your journey specifically for you


- Thank GOD for sending JESUS

- Acknowledge that JESUS is your Lord and Savior

- Recognize that his ways are perfect and that we’re made in his image


- Learn GOD’S PATTERN by studying his word then apply the lessons daily

- Work to be more like CHRIST and let his ways influence your moral fabric

- Stick to the plan GOD has laid out for you


- Use the information to become a sample product of GOD’S LOVE

- Recognize that you’re a walking billboard & representative for the Kingdom

- Remind yourself daily of what you were originally designed to do

Click the link below to download the FREE Design Process Worksheet

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