Feeling intimidated about becoming a collegiate student-athlete? Frustrated and anxious about preparing for the next level? Do you want to take ownership of your experience, but don’t know where to start?


Honestly, many student-athletes enter the collegiate sports world without any indication of what to expect! Having DREAMS this huge can sometime force you to keep your eyes on the prize and distract you from preparing for the journey. But if you’re feeling intimidated you must analyze your situation and develop a unique approach to conquering your experience!


The remedy is being exposed to concepts and activities that will challenge your perspective and your mindset. Having access to techniques, scriptures, and applications gives you practical steps to help you maximize your journey! Advice on how to handle various situations from a spiritual standpoint will assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of how to navigate this process, not only as a student-athlete but as a child of GOD! 


The goal of this workbook is to teach you how to take OWNERSHIP of your experience by implementing the S-O-P-R-O Approach! These five characteristics will teach you how to manage your mindset and not your circumstance. This process consists of the following:


  • Self-Awareness: How to discover your “IDENTITY” and bet on yourself!
  • Organization: How to take advantage of pockets of time and cultivate YOUR PROCESS!
  • Present: How to take OWNERSHIP of your experience and hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE!
  • Resilience: How to BOUNCE BACK from setbacks, be RESOURCEFUL and CREATIVE!
  • Optimism: How to find the slithers of HOPE, exude POSITIVITY and leave your MARK!


I’m Gon’ Need My Shirt Back is full of activities and worksheets that will teach you how to mentally play OFFENSE and DEFENSE! You must understand that once you COMMIT, this game shifts from being “Just A Game” to “Business.” You must have a clear understanding of how the “GAME” is being played especially when it comes to collegiate sports! Through proven life coaching techniques and concepts, this workbook will to teach you how to flip the script and leverage your talent on your own terms!


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I'm Gon' Need My Shirt Back: Inspirational Workbook for Student-Athletes

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