The S.O.P.R.O. Inspiration Box for Student-Athletes is a one stop shop self-care experience in a box. The mission of this box is to deliver products that ENLIGHTEN, EMPOWER, EDUCATE, EQUIP, and teach student-athletes how to EXECUTE! The goal is to inspire you to TRUST GOD and BET ON YOURSELF!


Student- athletes tend to develop identity foreclosure overtime! Sometimes you need to be reminded that GOD blessed you with MULTIPLE GIFTS that you haven't discovered yet! Yes, you're great at sports but you need to know that you're VALUABLE beyond your TALENT! Every gift from GOD is attached to PURPOSE, so you must remember that you're on ASSIGNMENT! Every item in this box promotes evolution and the exploration of the mind, body, and soul! The affirmation gear serves as declaration garb for the body. The products in the S.O.P.R.O. Inspirational Box ecourages you to embrace your individuality and live unapologetically in your purpose! 





  • I'm Gon' Need My Shirt Back Promo Tee
  • Legacy Mindset Wristbands Set (Yellow and Blue)
  • TCK Athletic Socks 
  • White Shoe Strings 
  • Sneaker Jewelry



  • S.O.P.R.O. Towel
  • S.O.P.R.O. Stickers
  • S.O.P.R.O. Tumbler Cup (Straw and Cleaning brush)



I'm Gon' Need My Shirt Back: Inspirational Workbook for Student-Athletes

  • This book is full of activities and worksheets that will teach you how to mentally play OFFENSE and DEFENSE! You must understand that once you COMMIT, this game shifts from being “Just A Game” to “Business.” You must have a clear understanding of how the “GAME” is being played especially when it comes to collegiate sports! Through proven life coaching techniques and concepts, this workbook will to teach you how to flip the script and leverage your talent on your own terms!


I'm Gon' Need My Shirt Back: Inspirational Journal for Student-Athletes

  • The mission of the I'm Gon' Need My Shirt Back Inspirational Journal is to help you make FAITH MOVES and develop a LEGACY MINDSET! The purpose is to inspire you to be intentional about setting the atmosphere for the day! The activities teach you how to properly unpack your day and explore your thoughts. This journal also promotes the importance of taking a deep dive into your feelings! This journal is filled with thought provoking quotes that inspire you to keep pushing! This journal will teach you how to implement the S.O.P.R.O. Approach in your daily life so that you can take ownership of your experience!


The Support System: Parents' Guide to Preparing their Future World Explorer

  • Every parent can be a beacon of light and a wealth of knowledge for their kids, but sometimes the generation gap causes a disconnect. Throughout this book Coach K shares transition techniques and supplies the language to help you implement the concepts! The mission of this book is to expose parents to the skills needed to become a solid support system. The Support System helps you navigate through five phases, that will teach you how to nurture your child’s IMAGINATION so that you’ll gain confidence in their development! The goal is to empower you so that you can assist your kids in making a smooth transition through college and life!



S.O.P.R.O. Inspirational Box for Student-Athletes

T-Shirt Size
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