Is your child preparing to graduate from high school? Are you feeling nervous about them entering the REAL WORLD? Do you want to feel confident about their departure?


The truth is every parent has reservations about their child leaving the nest! That feeling is valid and totally normal! It’s not that you don’t believe in your kids, it’s your distrust for this crazy world that’s causing you to have so much anxiety. I know you wish you could just keep them safe in your protective bubble, but eventually you must release them into the world so that they can spread their wings!


The solution to subsiding your anxiety is trusting GOD and maximizing your PREPARATION STRATEGY! Every parent can be a beacon of light and a wealth of knowledge for their kids, but sometimes the generation gap causes a disconnect. Throughout this book Coach K shares transition techniques and supplies the language needed to help you implement the concepts!


The mission of this book is to expose parents to the skills needed to become a solid support system. The Support System helps you navigate through five phases, that will teach you how to nurture your child’s IMAGINATION so that you’ll gain confidence in their development! The phase progression includes the following:


  • The Adventure Phase: Understanding the impact of INFLUENCE and the GENERATION GAP!
  • The Transition Phase: Understanding the power of COMMUNICATION and PLANNING!
  • Relax and Release Phase: Understanding how to help them develop and use their VOICE!
  • Take Flight: Understanding how to let them choose their LIFE OWN PATH!
  • Coping with Your Child Leaving: Understanding how to implement the FOUR TIERS OF TRUTH!


EXPOSURE leads to EXPANSION, so mastering this journey will require you to learn new methods!  The goal is to empower you so that you can assist your kids in making a smooth transition through college and life! When you feel secure in their level of preparation you will naturally start transferring the power! If you want your kids to be successful you must give them permission to be true explorers!



The Support System: Parents' Guide to Preparing Their Future World Explorer

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