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Tip of the Week

It's a lot easier to focus during the week when you have an idea of the things you want to accomplish. Setting up a a theme and a word for the week allows you to really structure your week and be intentional in exploring what the word and theme truly mean. Every week take the time to draft a word and a theme, then reflect at the end of the week.

The tip of the week:

1.) Create a Theme and a Word for the week.

2.) Once you've created your theme and word, write it down and put it up on the wall so that you can see it daily.

3.) Be conscious and aware of your actions. Model your actions after your theme and your word.

4.) Take note of everything you learn and realize at the end of the week. Then reflect on it!

5.) Write a comment below when you finish the week out. Let me know what you realized after you reflected on the week.

I hope this helps you this week. Until next time stay focused, keep grinding and respect the process!

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