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L27: Making the Master Plan

Level 27 Wednesday: It's time to get rid of that sense of ENTITLEMENT and start being CLEAR on YOUR VISION for YOUR LIFE! It's important to take the time to really explore your DREAMS in order to EXECUTE your VISION with PRECISION. It's important to sit down, do the work, research, and map out your plan! Here's a few tips on how to make you master plan.

Understand your VISION:

  • Follow your passion and chase your dreams.

  • Before you start building your plan you need to have a clear understanding of your vision! Ask yourself what is the ultimate goal?


  • Once you have an idea of what career field you’d like to pursue start researching the possible careers in the field you desire to be in.

  • Keep in mind that you don’t have to put yourself in a box. You can literally do more than one thing with your life but it’s all about timing. So don’t feel like you have to be a one trick pony.

  • Look at the career requirements, salary, educational requirement and the growth opportunities in that particular field.

  • Ask yourself does this career offer all of the resources that could eventually financially support the lifestyle I want?

  • Ask yourself is this career going to be relevant in the next 10 years? Is there longevity in this career? Is there going to be a need for this particular career?

  • Ask yourself do I have the skills to do this job? Take a note of all the skills, education and experience you need in order to get into this career field.

  • Try to absorb as much knowledge on the career field! Read books, watch YouTube videos, watch interviews and read articles.

Get Advice:

  • Gain INSIGHT from people that are currently in the career field you’d like to get into. Ask them about their experience and journey.

  • Get a mentor that can help guide you through this process. Preferably someone that in a similar field or someone that’s older than you.

  • Get a little INSIGHT from your loved ones. (Parents, friends, siblings, etc.) They should be able to point out some things about your character that you probably didn’t think about.

Questions to ask you loved ones:

  • In your opinion what are me strengths and what are my weaknesses?

  • What career field do you see me pursuing? Why?

  • What is one word you’d use to describe me?


Be sure to consider what everyone is saying but don’t allow their opinions to over influence you. This is ultimately your decision but it’s always good to have insight from loved ones and people who have travelled the course before. Use their insight as a learning tool to help you uncover things you never realized about yourself.

Setting Goals:

  • Before making your plan pray for clarity, patience and discernment. Ask God to order your steps and align your goals with his will for your life.

  • Next start the process of elimination process. Narrow down your choice based on your vision, your research and the advice you received.

  • Make a decision on what career you’re going to chase and start building from there.

  • Refer back to your research in order to build your goals. Look at the career requirements and educational requirements to setup your goals.

  • What degree do you need? How many years of experience do you need? Do you even need a degree to start working in this field? What skills do you need?

  • Based on the requirements you can make your decision to either head to college or jump directly into the workforce! Some careers only require skills. Honestly, you can gain skills at a trade school.

  • Choosing a career field is basically the key to mapping out your plan of execution.

  • Your goals should be a step-by-step map of the moves you have to make that will set you up to eventually make it into the career of your choice. Separate your goals into immediate, shot-term and long-term goals.

  • Your goals will be different from a lot of other people’s goals. There’s no short cut to getting to your ultimate goals. So be flexible and patient with yourself. You plan may change over time because you grow, learn and evolve so don’t be alarmed if you have to shift your plans.

  • Your master plan is simply a blueprint to the vision GOD HAS FOR YOU! So consult him throughout your entire journey.

Example of goals:

Step 1: Research my career field and make a decision

Step 2: Register for SAT & ACT Test

Step 3: Research various colleges

Step 4: Research skill based programs

Step 5: Find a mentor

Step 6: Talk to my loved ones about my future

Step 7: Graduate from High School

Then Execute:

  • Once again pray for clarity, patience and discernment.

  • Write down your goals, make a vision board and post them on the wall.

  • Continue to add new goals to your list that will help you get closer and closer to your ultimate goal.

  • Then get to work on completing each goal.

  • Stay focused, keep grinding and respect the process!

It's up to you students to figure out what your next MOVE will be after graduation so be INTENTIONAL! Next week we will be discussing how to Choose the right college institution & workplace! Until next time Stay Focused, Keep Grinding and Respect the Process! #Level27CoachAndAdvising #LevelUpWednesday #StudentAdvice #Mentorship #HighSchool #MiddleSchool #LetCoachKHelpYou #TheresLevelsToThisThingCalledLife #Level27Coaching #DefineYourDream #FindYourNiche #UnderstandYourVision #ExecuteTheVisionWithPrecision #Research #WhatIsNextAfterHighSchool #MakingPlans #CollegeIsOneOptionNotTheOnlyOption #ThinkAboutYourFuture #YouCanDoIt


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