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Motivational Monday: What's G.R.I.T. Got to Do Wit It?

G.R.I.T. is something that a lot of people won't every access because they never face any challenges that pushes them to discover it! There's numerous warrior stories on how G.R.I.T. has carried someone through their hardest battles but there's no blueprint on how to strap on the armor and retrieve the sword! G.R.I.T. isn't something you can physically see or touch! This leads those who haven't experienced it to believe that it only exists in fairy tales and dreams. So the question is how do we help others readily identify G.R.I.T. if they haven't experienced it first hand? Most importantly how do we define it in a way that they'll understand? Unfortunately, I don't have a definitive answer for any of these questions! The only thing I know to do is speak from experience and rock my armor proudly! G.R.I.T. isn't something that can be taught by man, it can only be revealed by living through the good, the bad, and the ugly experiences of life! The true definition of G.R.I.T. is usually revealed when you journey through your own personal storm! I don't know what your definition of G.R.I.T. is or will be but trust me when it's revealed you'll never let it go! Please allow me to share my definition of G.R.I.T. and how I discovered it!

I discovered my armor of G.R.I.T. in 2010! This was the most challenging year of my life. I was attending The University of Texas at Arlington working toward my bachelors degree, but I was also working three jobs! Being a first-generation college student required me to turn my hustle game all the way up! I had to pay tuition, bills, help my mother, and maintain my grades. I would go to class Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8:00 am- 1:00 pm. Then I'd work at 24 Hour fitness from 2:00 pm-Midnight. On Tuesday and Thursday I would work my nanny job from 7:00 am-6:00 pm. Then on Saturday and Sunday I would work my retail job from 10:00 am-10:00 pm. I would also pickup freelance jobs such as: Walking dogs, cleaning homes, babysitting, and running errands in between time. I would literally stop by my moms house to eat dinner because I had nothing in my refrigerator because all of my money went to bills and tuition!

I literally had to choose between paying a bill or putting gas in my car to get to work. This caused me to examine my syllabus to see if I could miss a few classes here and there. I strategically plan the days I would attend class because I literally couldn't afford to go to class! To add insult to injury my mother became ill. After visiting the doctor I was informed that she would have to undergo three surgeries. As I was mentally preparing myself to deal with everything going on with my mother I got hit once more. I literally lost three family members within one month. At this point I was mentally depleted and physically drained! I felt like I didn't have anything left to give! I was drowning in debt, my classes were HARD, my mother was sick, and I was working myself to death. Loosing my family members knocked the wind out of my spirit. I had literally checkout! To top it all off I got evicted from my apartment because I was paying my tuition instead of my rent. I moved back in with my mother to help her and try to salvage my crumbling semester. Unfortunately it was to late! With all that I experienced that semester I took the biggest L in life. I failed three classes which left me in bad standings with the university and resulted in a 1.9 GPA! After seeing my GPA I received an email saying I was officially dismissed from UTA for a semester. I "FAILED OUT OF COLLEGE" I couldn't believe I lost the very thing I had been fighting so hard for! I hit ROCK BOTTOM!

After the dust settled I began to doubted myself! I questioned if school was for me and if I could actually finish. I was embarrassed and didn't know how to tell my family that "The model student" failed out of college. How was I going to explain myself. I tried to be SUPERWOMAN and fix it all but I met my KRYPTONITE! After looking over my semester I realized what I did wrong all along.I was so caught up in my bull that I forgot all about my greatest asset.... GOD! I didn't consult with GOD as much as I should have. I didn't put him first! I didn't ask for help! I wasn't feeding my spirit with his WORD... I was living off of bread alone. Since I acted like I didn't need him, he removed his MERCY from my life in 2010 and I had to feel the consequences to my actions!

After realizing my faults I had to make a decision..... I said to myself are you going to give up or BOSS UP? I decided to BOSS UP!!! I called on GOD to forgive me and restore me! He not only returned his MERCY but he GIFTED ME the revelation of G.R.I.T.! He showed me that everything I went through in 2010 was building my muscle. It was shining my ARMOR! It was sharpening my SWORD!!! He said although you strayed away from me you were never disconnected from, because I live in YOU! He allowed me to struggle because I tried to do it without him but HE continued to give me the fuel I needed to keep pushing. Through this series of experiences I was able to fully understand my definition of G.R.I.T!

Going through the valley gave me the strength to be able to reach the peak of the mountain. I was able to bounce back after loosing it all because the G.R.I.T. inside of me wouldn't let me fall. HE gave me my own definition! G.R.I.T. is literally tapping into the LIGHT of GOD that lives within you! It's being in total submission to his WILL and listening to his direction for strength! It's TRUSTING HIM and consuming that ounce of HOPE HE gives you to keep pushing! G.R.I.T. is a scripture, it's his words, it's who he is!! For HE knows the plans he has for your life. G.R.I.T. just allows you to get a glimpse of what he has or you. 2010 taught me to RESPECT THE PROCESS! It taught me that it's necessary! I wouldn't change one thing I've gone through because it's granted a understanding I can't explain. I encourage you to seek GOD First in everything that you do! He will always see you through the storm and grant you the GIFT of G.R.I.T. to push you through! So stay the course and keep believing. STAY GRITTY MY FRIENDS!

Please leave comments on below telling me your definition of G.R.I.T. Let me know if this helped you and tag or share it with someone who you feel needs to hear this. Thanks for reading! There's some helpful tools below!!!

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