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Motivational Monday: Why is Fear A Factor for YOU?

We allow fear to come into our lives simply because WE don't think we're "GOOD ENOUGH!" In a world full of unrealistic expectations, so called instantaneous success, and instagram posts we struggle to stay focused on what's REAL! We all know that fear distracts us from our mission and delays our progress but we continuously invite it in! We literally rollout the RED CARPET for fear to strut into our minds and setup camp! Why is fear a factor? Why do we let it in? How do we discover what's really causing us to be fearful? In my opinion, we use fear as a cop-out to avoid taking on new challenges! The moment we're presented with any type of unfamiliarity we backdown from the challenge! We bow out for two reasons.... We don't think we're worthy of the GRAND OUTCOME! Or we can't live with the thought of possibly experiencing FAILURE!

The thought of FAILING sends our minds into a whirlwind.. We begin to create fictitious scenarios, we replay all of our previous failures, then we start asking ourselves a series of "What If's!" We CREATE problems that haven't even proven themselves to be a problem yet! We dig holes in our spirit and plant seeds of negativity. After a while those seeds begin to take root and before it's all said and done, we find ourselves so DEEP in fear that we can't see ourselves physically being able to achieve the task. We feel like it's impossible! Then the anxiety begins to take on a life of its on!!! We find ourselves watching everyone else live their life and then we begin to TRY to live up to EVERYONE else's EXPECTATIONS OF US! At this moment you're probably mumbling saying, "Coach K is tripping.... I don't care what anybody thinks of me!" (Sigh) Ummm if those words immediately crossed your mind you definitely care about what people think of you.... You place value on being accepted! You work overtime to "LOOK LIKE YOU'VE GOT IT ALL TOGETHER!" I'm gonna keep it real funky with you WE ALL CARE to a certain extent.. The issue isn't discovering if you care about what they think, it's discovering how much VALUE you place on keeping up with the JONES' and pleasing others!

As I stated earlier fear is simply a thought that you created, that ignites an emotion, that eventually delays your actions! So if you CREATED the thought don't you think you can DESTROY IT? The answer is YES for $200 Alex! lol!!! Fear is something you allowed to enter your spirit, if you want it to leave CREATE an ATMOSPHERE that fear can't thrive in! Let me explain what that atmosphere looks like...... It's establishing APPRECIATION & GRATITUDE! It's knowing who CREATED YOU and the plans HE HAS FOR YOU! It's speaking life into yourself daily and making DECLARATIONS OF PROSPERITY. It's pouring into others and being kind! It's being ok with what you have and staying in your lane, even when your peers start passing you up. It's finding VALUE in being your AUTHENTIC SELF. It's looking FEAR in it's FACE and saying, " YOU DON'T BELONG HERE.... GET OUT and DON'T COME BACK!" It's being positive no matter what the circumstances look like! Lastly, it's understanding that failure is apart of LIFE! It helps you build CHARACTER & RESILIENCE that will PREPARE YOU for THE GREATNESS that is waiting for you. All I'm saying is if you want FEAR to leave stop making the stay so comfortable!

LIFE is a marathon not a RACE! You're going to WIN some and you're going to take that L sometimes. It's not about tallying up your WINS it's about FEARLESSLY pursuing your challenges and overcoming those obstacles! It's about being open to NEW CHALLENGES and absorbing the LESSONS from each situation! YOU have to BELIEVE that YOU are ENOUGH, because YOU ARE! YOU were BORN with everything you ever needed in order to be SUCCESSFUL! YOU have to journey through a few VALLEYS before you get to experience the PEAKS! Think of your hard times as a GROOMING PROCESS! GET out of your HEAD and GET out of YOUR OWN WAY! 2017 is the YEAR of ELEVATION for us all but it requires us to let our FAITH TAKE FLIGHT and DECLARE that FEAR is not a FACTOR!!!




"If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the GOD we serve is able to save us from it, and he will rescue us from your hand o king. But even if he does not, we want you to know o king that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up."

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This week I challenge you to take on something that's been causing you to feel fear! Try something new and step out on faith! Use the tools and JOURNAL your thoughts! Please contact me if you need help with anything and let me know if this tool helped you this week. YOU GOT THIS!!!! Be Blessed!


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