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Motivational Monday: ANSWERS!

We spend so much time searching for the answers to the many questions we have about LIFE! We rely on the world to give us some sort of content that will help us piece this puzzle together but often times we fail miserably. We also adopt behaviors from other people in hopes of gaining the same understanding they seem to have about LIFE! This leads me to believe that we're consistently postponing our own revelations!

In a world full of gurus, instagram stars, life coaches, motivational speakers, and G.O.A.T.S our judgement and perspectives are clouded. We're continuously asking ourselves "What am I doing wrong?" "Why isn't my career going right?" "What's next?" The list of questions goes on and on and on! We tend to consistently compare our reality to the millions of people we're exposed to daily. The over exposure to information causes us to generate unrealistic timelines to achieve our goals. Soon enough it seems like everything we're doing is pointless but that's not the case at all. Everything we've done and everything we've experienced was on purpose! It was meant to teach us a lesson and lay the foundation for the next step! We have to stop looking at LIFE as a BOARD GAME that we can easily manipulate by moving our piece. Instead of focusing on making moves we should be more concerned about identifying and accessing our PEACE!!!

There isn't a BLUEPRINT or a MANUAL that can teach us how to create the life we want. The MASTER CODE doesn't exist! All we have to go off of is our experiences and the knowledge we've learned from outside sources. We have to start realizing that we are REAL and each situation is meant for us to LEARN something in REAL-TIME! Let's be real no one REALLY knows what they're doing! Lol! We're all just absorbing knowledge through a series of trial and error! As we journey throughout life we must start to see the value in our EXPERIENCES.... GOOD & BAD!!!!!! After we complete each experience we will emerge with a piece of knowledge that we didn't have before. It's important to analyze the lesson and extract the core gem of that experience. The major key is acknowledging what got us through every experience! Once we begin to look at every experience as an opportunity to stock up or jewels we won't be afraid to move forward!

The moral of the story is every experience leaves an imprint on our spirits. It strengthens our hearts and it grants us tough skin. Most importantly it consistently reveals our SOURCE! We get to acknowledge the very thing that generates our PEACE in HARD situations and the very thing that gives us JOY during the GOOD TIMES! There are some experiences that we have to go through on our own in order to gain the greatest understanding! Even when we want to give up and look to the world for answers, we're reminded that GOD is the ANSWER to it ALL! That light that lives within us shines bright even in the darkest hour. Everything we need was given to us when we were created but it takes time and experience to get to this realization! If we NEVER look within WE will NEVER find the ANSWERS! We will PASS THE TEST if we rely on the GOD IN US to lead us and keep working to access the PEACE that lives within us.

Until next time Stay FOCUSED, Keep GRINDING, and RESPECT THE PROCESS!!!!!


Word of the Week: ANSWERS

Theme of the Week: PASSING THE TEST!

Scripture of the Week: BOOK OF JOB