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Whenever I look at my keyboard I always think to myself (In my Kanye West Voice) Ayeeee!!!..... ESC button I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish but uhhmm Ctrl-Alt-Delete is..... THE GREATEST COMMAND BUTTON COLLABORATION OF ALL TIME!!!! (Laughs) I know some of y'all are like what is Coach K talking about?..... Well for those of you who aren't familiar with this terminology, Ctrl+Alt+Delete is a keyboard command that internally interrupts the computers functions and forces the system to REBOOT! Since technology is so intertwined with reality these days I find myself wondering if the shortcuts programmers have created for computers could somehow be successfully implemented in REAL LIFE through routines or curriculum. Imagine how dope it would be if LIFE had COMMAND BUTTONS? Like..... Don't you think life would flow a lot smoother if we had programs, systems, functions, and short cuts to help us navigate life?

I believe that we can make this concept work for us! Now I'm not saying that there's some universal keyboard floating around that you can magically access; but I am saying that Ctrl+Alt+Delete can be applied to life in more ways than one! Ok so right now I need you to put on your thinking cap... Don't be scared.... Go ahead I'll give you a moment to dust it off.... I know it's been a minute.... Lol!! Alright so I'm here to tell you that we are all literally wired just like computers! I'm not saying we're clones or the 2018 version of iRobot but I am saying that computers mimic our natural makeup! Before you disagree let me break it down for you:

(The CPU= Our Hearts)- This portion of the computer is considered the core of the computer, just like our HEARTS!

(The Optical Drive= Our Eyes)- This portion of the computer uses lasers lights and electromagnetic waves near the visible light spectrum to read and write data to or from optical discs, just like our EYES!

(The RAM "Random Access Memory"= Our Memories)- This portion of the computer works to access random memories randomly, just like our MEMORY.

(The Motherboard= Our Brains)- This portion of the computer is considered the area that contains the principal components of the computer and is the base board for the computer, just like our BRAIN!

(The Housing= Our Bodies)- This holds all of the components of the computer that makes it function, just like our BODIES!

(The Display Adapter= Our Experiences)- This portion of the computer displays and outputs images, just like we replay our EXPERIENCES!

(The Power Supply= Jesus Christ "Our Source")-This portion of the computer is an electric device that supplies power to the computer, just like "OUR SOURCE" JESUS CHRIST!

Can y'all see the similarities between the computers functions and our functions? I know I definitely can...! Seeing the correlation has caused me to explore this theory. I never really paid that much attention to how vital the external parts of the computer were until I started thinking about this concept. When you really think about it the computer can't fully function without the mouse, keyboard, speakers, and monitor. All of these parts are the gatekeepers for the input and output of the system. The user utilizes these parts to COMMAND the computer to do something and then the system follows suit. The common denominator in this equation is the USER!!! This caused me to think about what role we actively play in our lives daily. When things get tough do we boss up and take on the USER role or do we passively sit back and let someone else click our mouse and type in our commands? I've often wondered do we even realize the amount of INFLUENCE we have over what's implemented in our lives and how we react! We have the POWER to utilize our personal mouse, keyboard, speaker, and monitor to help us establish our PROGRAMMING!

I believe that problems occur when we OVERRIDE our "ORIGINAL SETTINGS" and replace it with the SPAM and JUNK the world provides. What we INPUT impacts our OUTPUT! The great thing is we literally CONTROL what is allowed into our systems, the people we entertain, what we listen to, and what we see! The Shhhh really hits the fan when we forget who and what our POWER SOURCE is. The minute we start drawing energy from another source our system goes haywire and we loose sight of our personal coding! Much like computers our initial software has to be updated often so experiencing growth and change will happen. The key is learning to respect the process and roll with the punches. If we want to stay up to code we have to shield our CPU/HEARTS from getting a virus or a bug. Monitor what you see, hear, and who you allow to be the "USER" in your life. Everyone doesn't deserve a folder on your desktop or space on your hard drive; some people are meant to be moved to the trash! At the end of the day you have to be very self-aware and be willing to take ownership of the "USER ROLE."

We can literally implement our Ctrl+Alt+Delete COMMAND BUTTON whenever we feel that we are going off track! We can also enforce it whenever someone is hacking our systems and doing all that they can to make it CRASH..... What I'm trying to express is YOU CONTROL YOU!!! Don't allow any outside source to dictate what you do, say, or feel about you. You have the authority to CONTROL your situation, ALTER your surrounding, and DELETE anyone or anything that is interrupting your "PEACE" and FLOW!! Ctrl +Alt+Delete is no longer just a command button for the computer! Adopt it and make it your go to program, your go to system, your overall mentality when it comes to living this thing called life. Restore order in your world, establish yourself in the "USER ROLE" and most importantly make sure your POWER SOURCE stays plugged into your MAIN SOURCE "Jesus Christ."