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From the moment you decided that sports were your thing, you instantly started sacrificing. You sacrificed your body, birthdays, family events, time, and SLEEP! I know that you did all of this with the intentions of making it to the PROS! When you realized you had to make a pitstop on the collegiate level I’m sure that you weren’t happy. Many of you don't understand why you can't just skip college and go to the PROS! I know that it’s frustrating and I understand why you feel this way, but I want to challenge you to look at college from a different perspective. College is about a lot more than just going to class, it's about learning lessons outside of the classroom that'll enhance your LIFE LATER! GOD chose you for this journey for a very specific reason and you made it out of a lot of situations because of GOD'S GRACE and his PLAN for your LIFE! Please understand that you're on "ASSIGNMENT" and there's PURPOSE in every part of your journey!

STEP 1: You must understand that you have more than one gift and you're MORE THAN AN ATHLETE! It’s important that you understand that GOD gave you more than one gift! He has BIG PLANS FOR YOU, but he has to develop you before he elevates you! College is literally a PITSTOP that has the possibility of creating a platform for your future. All of the “FIRST TIME” experiences you will go through will cause the friction you need to discover your tough skin. In every situation you can choose to rise to the occasion or fall off, your experience will be what you make it.

ACTION ITEMS: Everything you have is a result of GOD’S PLAN! He gave you your talent, your gifts, your looks, and your swag… He blessed you to be able to evolve and overcome so many crazy situations. Think about all the people you use to hangout. Where are they at now? Look back over all the dumb stuff you use to do. What circumstances and setbacks did you overcome? Think about all of the people who don’t make it home daily. Take a moment to remember all of the people that lost their lives senselessly during routine traffic stops! Think about your loved ones that have passed! Now look at your life and the opportunities you have sitting in front of you. Some of these situations should’ve taken you out but GOD’S GRACE SAVED YOU! You’re so blessed and fortunate! Please know that this isn’t by chance. Every opportunity GOD has granted you has PURPOSE attached to it! So please take this journey seriously and take advantage of every resource!

Answer the following questions:

- What have you overcome to get to this point?

- What did you have to sacrifice?

- Who did you have to leave behind?

- Why do you think GOD CHOSE YOU?

- What do you think this opportunity represents?

STEP 2: Take ADVANTAGE of your OPPORTUNITIES and don’t let your SACRIFICES be in VAIN!

Throughout your life you’ve sacrifices so much to put yourself in this position. You can’t let any barriers, people or circumstances stop you from taking advantage of your opportunities. You must approach this new journey with an open mind and be willing to adjust to changes swiftly. Nothing on this level will be “THE NORM” so prepare yourself for a rollercoaster! That might sound scary but understand that this experience will be a combination of moments! This means that times won’t always be good and they won’t always be bad!


- You can’t afford to let anything jeopardize your opportunities, not even yourself! Ultimately you can’t take any part of your journey for granted, everything is VITAL to your DEVELOPMENT!

- You must go into your collegiate journey with a positive attitude. Have an open mind and allow yourself to be teachable!

- You must be intentional about absorbing all the knowledge being shared. Try new things, new methods, and challenge yourself. Use your journey to learn more about yourself. College can truly help you discover some gifts you didn’t know you had!

- Some stuff won’t make logical sense so get comfortable being uncomfortable!

STEP 3: Understand that your gift of “ATHLETICISM” is viewed as “ENTERTAINMENT” in the world! As you prepare to transition into your next phase it’s so important that you learn how to mentally play offense and defense. Especially when it comes to embracing the collegiate journey. This will require you to understand that your gift of “ATHLETICISM” is viewed as “ENTERTAINMENT” in the world! This will cause others to act crazy and shady at times. Everyone won’t fall into this category but I want to give you a heads up about the craziness. Here’s a few things you must acknowledge on this journey to ensure that you don’t let your sacrifices be in vain.


- You’ll experience moments when people may go overboard with their criticism or even treat you like you’re a pro already. This means some people may be extremely harsh and rude, but you can’t take this personal. Those people are only looking at you as an athlete not as a YOUNG ADULT. They have high expectations that are sometimes unrealistic, so you have to ignore the negativity. Don’t let these people cause you to act out of character.

- Since your gift is viewed as ENTERTAINMENT, people will try to exploit your gift for monetary gain! To be honest at times your own school or institution will fall into this category. So don’t be surprised if they treat you like you’re a machine! You must remember that they recruited you for the gifts they assumed you could bring to the program, so they expect a return on their investment.

- Your experience might sound like a business deal because that’s exactly what it is. Some institutions truly care about developing you as a person as well as a player, but all programs aren’t created equal. Be prepared for the transactional vibe, don’t be surprised if you run into these types of situations.


- You must learn to separate the nonsense from the potential value!

- Just because you’re a SOLID PERSON doesn’t mean that the people you encounter will always match your energy. Don’t take it personally!

- Control what you can control! Be extremely secure in yourself, your efforts, and beliefs!

Your journey will be what you make it so make sure you make the MOST OF IT! This is supposed to be a fun adventure. Yes, it will be challenging! Yes, you will have to display discipline, but you can do ALL THINGS through CHRIST! GOD called you to this place for a reason and he will use every part of it to change your life. Be open to the journey, be teachable, and don’t take the nonsense personally. I pray that you won’t have to deal with the craziness, but I can’t make any promises. One thing I can promise you is GOD will walk that thang out with you. He has your back! If he CALLED, you to it he will get you THROUGH IT! TRUST THE PROCESS, be STRONG, and search for the VALUE in this OPPORTUNTIY!

Answer the following questions:

- What do you want your IMPACT to be?

- What will you do with your PLATFORM?

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