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Entrepreneur Tuesday: Get In Your Feels

Being EMOTIONAL can literally make you an UNSTABLE CREATURE at times! I'm sure that you have a few crazy stories from your past relationships that could prove this theory! lol... Better yet I bet you have some entrepreneur stories that could trump those stories. I can't even put all of the blame on our emotions because our brains have a lot to do with the way we REACT! The ultimate mission of our brain is to keep us in our comfort zone. It's wired to caution us and shield us from taking risks! Our brain doesn't want to experience pain and disappointment! I think we can all agree that getting in your feels isn't always a safe thing to do! So I bet you're wondering why I'm asking you to get in your feels this week so? No worries I'll get straight to the point! Trust me you're going to thank me later for making this request.

I was doing some research for Level 27 when I stumbled upon a podcast episode entitled "Feeling On Purpose" by Master Life Coach Brooke Castillo. This episode was all about eliminating buffers and taking on your emotions head on. She believes that we hide behind our buffers to escape from reality and shield us from the pain. For an example when some of us get upset we instantly say, "I need a drink" or we start uncontrollably binge eating! Some retreat to solitary confinement and some people throw themselves into their work! She went on to say that if we eliminated our buffers and invited our emotions in with open arms we could change our LIVES! She believes that if we take the time to FEEL ON PURPOSE we could identify the origin of the thought that triggers the emotion and then work to fix the REAL ISSUE! She says that if you allow yourself to fully experience the emotion you'll be able to memorize the triggers and recreate it at a later time. This was interesting because it works for negative emotion and positive emotions. How awesome would it be if you could literally say, "I AM Motivated..... and instantly self generate that emotion on cue! What if you could experience disappointment and bounce back stronger? Well if you worked at this concept you could literally train yourself to push through any emotion and become fearless!

The minute she finished introducing this concept I literally screamed..... I was like this makes so much sense! Then I instantly thought about how this could really help ENTREPRENEURS! We experience a number of emotions on a daily! We go from happiness, sadness, disappointment, to joyful! Just think.... If we could manage to control our emotions, we could manage to control our thoughts and our destiny! A lot of times we utilize defense mechanisms because we don’t want to feel the emotions that come with life experiences! Especially if the emotion is pain but we have to learn that it's all apart of the process! We have to RESPECT THE PROCESS! Life is about balance... Think about it if we never experienced pain we wouldn't be able to identify happiness because we wouldn't have anything to compare it to. Your thoughts create emotions and your emotions influence your actions! So it's time to dive into those feelings and solve the issue at the root.

I truly believe that our emotions impact more than our personal relationships. They get in the way of CLOSING BIG DEALS! They get in the way of TAKING RISKS! They get in the way of MAKING CONNECTIONS and they stop us from reaching our FULL POTENTIAL! Everybody is GROWN until it's time to have a CONVERSATION! Don't let your emotions stop you from being the BOSS THAT YOU ARE! It's time to have some internal conversations. It's time to put in that work! It's TIME to GET IN YOUR FEELS!!!!!

Until next time stay focused, keep grinding, and respect the process!!! Thanks for reading!

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