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We've all had those moments when someone would randomly come up to us and say, "You have a special GIFT that needs to be shared with the world! You're going to be somebody when you grow up!" Right after that knowledge is shared we laugh it off! We say to ourselves, "Who little ole' me.... Ain't nobody going to listen to me... Who am I!" We mentally allow those comments to bounce around in our minds trying to sort it all out! Then we exhaust ourselves trying to figure out why that random person would make such a POWERFUL ASSUMPTION..... We do all of that mental work then we ultimately do absolutely NOTHING with that insight! I've personally fought this battle a number of times and it wasn't until recently that it dawned on me that we're playing Russian Roulette with our LIVES!!

We're all running on this hamster wheel chasing our self-proclaimed "DREAMS!" We're so busy trying to LOOK BUSY that we've made ourselves unavailable to absorb anything other than what we're prescribing ourselves!!! I've come to the conclusion that the reason why our lives seems like a never ending cycle of taking L's is because we don't think we're worthy of GREATNESS. We feed ourselves this negativity daily and we discount or question anything positive!!! We're all guilty of this..... Think about it!!! The last time someone gave you a compliment saying, "I see you out here doing your thang! Keep grinding.. You're on your way to greatness" what did you do? What did you say? You don't even have to answer that because I already know... because I do it all the time... Before they even finish their statement we mentally shoot down what they were saying. Instead of accepting the compliment we quickly respond by saying, "Man I ain't doing nothing. I'm just trying to make it... Or we say, I'm trying to get like you!" Now lie and say you've never done that! Don't worry I'll wait... (Laughs) Naw but seriously, we've put ourselves in such a mental space that we can't even accept a compliment without chopping ourselves down. If we are mentally doing this when we hear a compliment, I wonder what we are doing to ourselves when we're at the crossroads of PRIDE and PURPOSE!!!

Figuring out this thing called LIFE is not as TRICKY as it seems!!!! The reason why it seems like we can't move past an issues is because we aren't properly dealing with "THE ISSUE."In my opinion LIFE is like an equation..... There's a dependent variable an independent variable and then there's the outcome...... We literally try to manipulate our outcomes by allowing other peoples outcomes to fuel our efforts! This distracts us and causes us to fail to experiment long enough to figure out what we need to adjust in order to produce better results. When it comes to life we have to stop FOCUSING on our outcomes and situations; and start zoning in on what we can CONTROL! When it comes to LIFE the independent variable is the "Controlled Variable" and the dependent variable is the "Response Variable." This means that you play a vital role in the way that you progress in this world. What you feed yourself can directly impact your level of effort, your courage, and the amount of attempts you put forth.... but you can always reset, adjust, and then retest!

You CAN NOT BE AFRAID TO EXPERIMENT..... You have to be willing to TRY, FAIL, TRY, FAIL and then TRY AGAIN. Things are no different when it comes to EMBRACING YOUR GIFTS.... It's a scary thing for us all, because that means we have to experience disappointment and struggle..... It also means we have to accept RESPONSIBILITIES and hold ourselves to a higher standard but please understand that there's no other alternative. There's only two choices... We can either choose TO FIGHT or TAKE FLIGHT.... The issue is we've convinced ourselves that there's a MIDDLE GROUND but in reality that doesn't exist. The Middle Ground is just a fancy word for "The COMFORT ZONE!" I know you're saying what exactly is the "Comfort Zone?" I'm glad you asked..... This is that imaginary shady area that lays between GREATNESS and MEDIOCRACY! We spend most of our time hiding in that COMFORT ZONE retreating from the world waiting on something great to brighten our horizons, but we fail to realize that nothing ever flourishes in SHADY DARK PLACES.... This leaves us in a space of discomfort and confusion but we don't figure it out until we make the decision to PUSH ourselves to the LIMIT and try something NEW!

My advice to you is as YOU move forward in LIFE don't allow your PRIDE to act as your CONTROLLED VARIABLE let your PURPOSE takeover. Speak LIFE into yourself and BELIEVE in your ABILITIES!! When someone pours POSITIVITY in your spirit accept it! When you get confirmation embrace it! When you IDENTIFY a gift RESERVE IT and PROTECT IT! Use these things to fuel you when you have nothing left to give YOURSELF. IDENTIFY your SOURCE and maintain a constant connection with the LORD!!! We all have different situations that occur daily that impact us and cause us to react in some kind of way, but we have the power to control our outcome. Choose to FIGHT and shift your mind to SOLUTION MODE! It's time to climb out of that COMFORT ZONE! It's time to ABSORB that LIGHT and LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE! It's TIME to SHARE YOUR GIFTS with the world!!! You can do whatever "YOU SAY YOU CAN DO!" The question is when will you stop blocking your DESTINY and start EMBRACING YOUR GIFTS?!


1.) Identify that thing that comes so NATURALLY to you!

GOAL: Take the time to EXPLORE IT in depth.

Ask yourself the following questions:

- Is this something I love doing? Does it come easy to me?

- Do I find joy in this skill? Would I do this for free?

- Has someone told me that I'm good at this specific thing?

- Has someone label this as a gift before? How did they describe it?

- How do I feel when I'm actively working and moving in this gift?

- Do you feel lost when this thing isn't present in your life?

- Is something consistently pulling me toward this skill or does it constantly present itself? Am I drawn to this one thing?

2.) Identify the PURPOSE of the gift!

GOAL: To figure out how you're suppose to use it and who it is meant to impact the most. Talk to GOD!!

Ask yourself & GOD the following questions:

- Who can benefit from this gift?

- Do I need to strengthen this gift? If yes, what resources do I need to enhance this gift?

- Pray to GOD and ask him to make it clear to you. Ask him what his intentions are and how you can use the gift to further the kingdom?

- Ask GOD what is the purpose of this gift?

- Ask GOD for courage and strength?


NOTE: During this time you may want to FAST and PRAY at the same time.... Whenever we FAST we humble ourselves and put ourselves in the position to really take direction. While FASTING you must PRAY and WAIT on GOD to answer. Keep your ears OPEN!

3.) Research ways to UTILIZE this gift!

GOAL: To figure out various ways to use the gift in a positive way.

Ask yourself & GOD the following questions:

- What can I do with this gift?

- How can I use this gift to help?

- What do I need to learn?

- Who can I ask for ADVICE?

- What issues do I see that can benefit from this gift?

4.) Analyze and UNDERSTAND the terms and Accept the MISSION!

GOAL: To truly understand the responsibility and ACCEPT IT.

- Write down the reasons why this has to happen.

- Focus on creating your reason why you plan to do it.

- Understand the risks involved.

- Focus on the Big Picture.

- Be willing to experience FAILURE! Then try again.

-Understand that at times it'll be HARD but that doesn't mean this isn't right for you.

- Understand that if you don't fulfill your destiny or use your gifts GOD just might allow someone else to fulfill it.

Ask yourself these questions:

- Do I believe in myself enough to pursue this gift?

- Do I believe I'm worthy of this gift? ( If No, is this the only reason I'm not using my gift?)


GOAL: To fully operate in your PURPOSE!

- Don't be afraid of the outcome.

- Continue to move forward even when you don't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

- Understand that this is bigger than you.

- Use your gifts to further the kingdom of GOD.

- Recognize that this gift is from GOD and you aren't doing this alone. You're a vessel for GOD.

- Do your best to never forget who your source is and consult GOD throughout your process.

- If it terrifies you to try it, it's probably your PURPOSE!!!

Last Thoughts

Your GIFT is GOD GIVEN! Honestly you may have more than one gift but it's up to you to pay attention to the signs GOD continuously share with you. The key is to be fearless and intentional in everything that you do. Don't take anything for granted because it just might lead you to your PURPOSE!!! Take the time to IDENTIFY what's NATURAL, find the PURPOSE, how to UTILIZE it, UNDERSTAND, and EMBRACE YOUR GIFTS! This situation requires a lot of trial and error as well as growing pains but you have to be patient. In order to properly prepare you have to remain OPEN and RESPECT THE PROCESS. GOD equipped you with everything you need all you have to do is continue to seek the LORD and TRUST HIS WILL.. He will always find a new creative way to reveal your gifts to you! Let me know down in the comments about a time when you struggled to embrace something that GOD was clearly calling you to..... Be Blessed!! There's levels to this thing called life.... Let me help you reach your Level 27!!! If you ever need help or simply need to talk feel free to contact me... Let talk it out!!!


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