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The shoe making process has literally taken us through a journey. The Design phase, The Mold & Inspection phase, The Sneaker cut and Sew Phase, The Shoe Last, Grinder, and Sole Joining, and The Last, Insoles, and Quality Control phase Now we're at the sixth and final phase....... THE BOX UP AND SHIP OUT PHASE! Each part of the phase served a major purpose and was vital to the process. At times we forget that our journey is important and valid so I wanted to use the "SHOE MAKING PROCESS" to remind us of that concept. We have the ability to take an idea from conception to reality, but we have to BELIEVE that it's possible. You have the strength to do it because GOD LIVES IN YOU!

The sixth and final step of the shoe making process teaches us that we must realize that we are worthy! We have to be willing to RECIEVE the things GOD has for us. Most of the time we get in our own way. We can't keep discounting our journey. Everything we've been through has literally prepared us! GOD is so strategic with his placement and he has a MAJOR PLAN for your life! Whenever you start something new or encounter a challenge make sure you remember the journey you've travelled. Don't forget your hard times because those moments produced grit in you. The good times solidified your faith and produced HOPE!! GOD gave you all the tools you need in this life through your experience. Everything you need to reach your dreams and desires GOD has blessed you with. Your life and experience is your expertise so use it!

The manufacturers that create your favorite kicks have the ultimate CONFIDENCE in their PRODUCT, because they have ULTIMATE CONFIDENCE in their PROCESS! They have solidified their process, they conduct QUALITY CONTROL CHECKS and they always refer back to THE DESIGNER! They use their experience to reveal bad practices and they work to correct their methods. Thinking about life in this way can really change the game for you. My hope is that you will adopt these same characteristics and implement them in your life. If you don't get anything else from this 6-Week Series, I want you to understand that you have all that you need! Please remember that if you ever lose sight of this on your journey you can always refer back to GOD "THE DESIGNER" for directions and start your PROCESS OVER!

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