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As you enter the collegiate sports world it’s going to be vital that you make this decision for yourself! As a student-athlete you have a certain level of POWER and INFLUENCE that you don't even know you have. This gives the ability to shift the atmosphere! This means that wherever you go you can assist in leveling the playing field. Contrary to what some people believe HBCU'S have so much VALUE to offer. They have what I like to call "SOUL VALUE" and PWI'S have things they can offer as well. When you prepare to make your decision please make sure you weigh all your options. Do your research and don't be afraid to take the journey less traveled.

STEP 1: Talk to GOD FIRST!

PRAYER is the FIRST STEP! Go to GOD and ask him to lead you to the place he wants you to be. Ask him for direction and to block you from anything that isn’t in his will. Most importantly ask him for discernment.

STEP 2: Look at ALL your options and be open to checking out HBCU’S and PWI’S.

There’s value at both types of institutions so make sure that you take the time to checkout different types of schools. Don’t discount starting out at a junior college either. The mission is to find your home.

HBCU: Historically Black College or University

- There are over 100 HBCU’s Nationwide

- Lower/Affordable tuition for low-income families

- 90 Four-year private and public institutions

- 11 Two-Year Community College

PWI: Predominately White Institution

- There are over 2,000 PWI’s Nationwide

- More scholarships available for higher tuition cost

- PWI’s has an average graduation rate of 62%

- Higher student-teacher ratio

- Easily recognized Institutions


Taking the junior college route isn’t the easiest route but it could give you an opportunity to really shift the atmosphere. If you don’t have the grades or if you need an extra year to get yourself together taking this route could be a good option. Take the time to research

STEP 3: Go on ALL your visits and weigh all your options!

What to look for on your visit:

- Go on all your campus visits and be attentive

- Pay attention to the atmosphere and the vibes you feel

- Ask questions and be sure to talk to someone of the current players

- Talk to professionals, student affairs professionals, and coaches

Put some REAL THOUGHT into your decision because you could possibly be chained to that choice for the next few years! I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed during this process. I know that you probably feel like once you sign, you’re permanently stuck to that school, but there are always loopholes! You have the option to de-commit from the school and leave the institution, but understand that it's a lengthy process. If you transfer out, you could possibly be required to sit out for a year or go through a lot of paperwork, just to make things official again. At the end of the day, it’s worth the trouble if you truly believe that the institution isn’t the right fit for you. Follow your instincts no matter what, and go where you're WANTED. Not just where you're TOLERATED! Commit to where you feel the most at HOME! Know your worth and know that you have options! Ultimately the decision is yours and you want to make sure that you choose the place that feels like home to you.

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